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Merry Christmas 2017 – 聖誕節快樂!



It has been a year of change in the DuBose household. Noah and Casey have new jobs. Ella is past the last of toddler stage and is out of diapers.


Casey spent the first ½ of the year on the road with Thomson Reuters. Two large accounts – Raytheon and ETP – sent him across the continent a number of times. However, he got to enjoy a work trip as the vacationing spouse this year while Noah went to Costa Rica for Amazon. He also did his first international race and set a PR at a 1/2 Marathon in Taiwan.

His big news of the year was a change in employer. In June, he started with Smartsheet as a Solution Consultant. In this new role, he has expanded his consulting to areas beyond Law Department Operations and has been able to learn a lot of the traditional management consulting skills. It still gets him on the road but the perks of working for the best place to work in Washington are worth it.

This next year he’d like to put time back into his love of flying and join the Civil Air Patrol.

Ella has moved from Toddler to Little Girl in the last year. We crossed the last milestone of potty training early in the year and have been very happy to have not changed a diaper in months. She is a bundle of fun and joy in our house. In the daytime, she has a world of activity at her daycare Kiddie Academy and in the evenings, we often watch Chinese Cartoons.

The fall Ella has been learning to swim, write her name, and is now rather fluent in Chinese and English.

Noah made a big jump back to Seattle for work this year. She is now at Amazon and is getting used to that frenetic culture. They emphasize writing reports for everything and she complains it feels like she is back in school with the number of articles that she has had to write.

Noah is a regular fixture at the local 24 Hour Fitness and has been known to take 3 classes back to back on Saturdays  – Yoga, Zumba, and Body Pump.