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Merry Christmas 2014 – 聖誕節快樂!

This was a epic year and sadly one bereft of blog posts. Fortunately, I have not forgotten you for our annual Christmas post.


Last year, we revealed the biggest news of our few years as the Du Family. We were getting a new addition to the family in 2014. Well, that addition arrived in Spring of this year and Ella Shu DuBose has been a bundle of activity, joy, and happiness since joining our family in April.


But, I get ahead of myself. First, lets review those few months we spent in anticipation of our little girl’s arrival.


In January, Noah kept her pregnant self busy as ever with her modeling troupe. They were the hot ticket in town during Chinese New Year and she performed their show in a number of venues as the Empress.



In February, the whole city celebrated as we brought home our first super bowl trophy.


We also got a rare evening of snow at our downtown condo.



In March, baby preparation entered full swing as we brought the house into full baby mode and attended the multitude of baby prep classes (baby safety pictured above). I enjoyed putting together all the accoutrements and Noah enjoyed looking at the great baby clothes that were gifted by our wonderful friends.


We were particularly grateful to our friend Ellen and Sam for opening their house for Noah’s baby shower.


Special thanks goes to Charlee, who was the master planner of that event, and came up with some really cool game ideas. Such as the guess Noah’s belly size game.




In April, the month started with the addition of Noah’s parents to the mix as they flew in from Taiwan in time for Ella’s arrival. We had a couple of weeks to gather Chinese medicine and various other ingredients for Noah’s traditional post-baby confinement (坐月子.)


Of course, the end of April brought the exciting evening. Baby Ella arrived in a whirlwind of activity and with great punctuality. From water breaking to baby holding, it was less than two hours. She arrived just 3 minutes into her due date at 12:03 in the evening.


She was a healthy and happyish 9lbs 3oz (4.3kg) baby.


In the hospital, she got to meet both grandparents and we got a spend a couple of memorable nights together.


Once home, we were grateful for the support of Noah’s parents as we adjusted to the new schedule of sleepless nights and frequent diapers.




In May, we had a reunion of our Taiwanese family in Vancouver as we went to visiting Noah’s brother and Ella’s new cousins.


[Red Egg Picture]


In June, we celebrated Ella’s Man Yue by throwing a Red Egg and Ginger party to introduce her to the world and some of her relatives who had not yet had a chance to come up and see her.


I was especially happy to see my little sister and my grandparent come up for the party as it had been too long since we had last seen them.


I also celebrated a personal milestone as I ran my first marathon in the Seattle Rock and Roll marathon – something I hope to make a recurring event.


[4th Picture]

In July, we celebrate our last couple of weeks with the Shu family and attended the annual 4th of July BBQ at my Uncle’s house.


In August, we adjusted to life with the three of us and found what chances we could to get out and see the beautiful Seattle weather. Shakespeare in the park was a particular favorite chance to enjoy some evenings out.



In September, I was a bachelor as Noah went back to Taiwan with Ella. It was a quiet month where I caught up on some much-needed sleep and Noah toured Ella around a little rockstar.



One highlight of that month was the cold morning I spent fishing with my Dad up in Bozeman Montana.



In October, I joined Noah in Taiwan for two weeks in that wonderful country.


As with Ella’s birth, the Taiwan trip deserves its own post, but suffice it to say it was an awesome trip.



We spent time with Noah’s sister in Tainan.


Traveled to the East Coast and Taidong.


And, generally, just enjoyed the last of Noah’s maternity leave on a family vacation.



In November, we learned to adjust as Noah returned to work and Ella headed to daycare.



And comes December, we got to a good start by getting our Christmas cards printed early in the month, but alas we have struggled to get them out before the holiday again this year. Ooh well, our Christmas card is more of an annual card. Either way, we look forward to another great year as a family.

Thank you to all of our friends and family who have been so supportive with our new baby. We definitely don’t get out to see you as much as we wish, but hope this new year will bring more opportunities to reconnect.

Now, what you’ve all been waiting for out awesome Taiwan Baby Photo Shoot!

蔚 (3)

蔚 (292)

蔚 (290)

蔚 (286)

蔚 (249)

蔚 (236)

蔚 (232)

蔚 (230)

蔚 (203)

蔚 (197)

蔚 (195)

蔚 (183)

蔚 (158)

蔚 (152)

蔚 (148)

蔚 (132)

蔚 (114)

蔚 (106)

蔚 (95)

蔚 (65)

蔚 (64)

蔚 (59)

蔚 (34)

蔚 (33)

蔚 (24)

蔚 (23)

蔚 (20)

蔚 (10)


Till next year, Merry Christmas!