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Merry Christmas 2013 – 聖誕節快樂

On first pass, it seemed like this year passed by without anything too excited. Neither of us were in school, both were employed, and most of our days were spent on the typical 9-5 cycle of the rest of the US. Yet, out of that regularity we have been able to have a few tests, adventures, and wonderful news. Baby Noah Rather than bury the lead, we’ll cue you in on the biggest news from the past year. Noah is pregnant and we’ll be having a little baby girl at the end of April! She has been able to hide it well but is starting to show as she is now entering her 5th month of pregnancy. Mustache Dache 2013 While no other news can compete with the new addition to the family, we have also had a few adventures this year.

In January, Casey holed up in the office and studied for the bar. One panicked evening before the test, Noah used her awesome project management skills to quell Casey’s fears and develop an emergency study plan for the remaining weeks. Her project plan, while grueling, was effective. Casey got word in April that he passed the Bar and was sworn is as an attorney.

In February, we were able to get away to celebrate Chinese New Years and Valentines day. Shu Family Hotpo In March, Noah embarked on a month long adventure across Asian. She traveled across China, Hong Kong, and eventually made it back to Taiwan to spend the next month with her family. Noah met her new nephew and got to catch up with her brother and sister. Ken and Sarah Tea Tasting with Marilyn In April, Casey flew to Taiwan to meet up with Noah. It had been a couple of years since either of us had returned to the Old Country. We had an awesome time visiting Taiwan without the added stress of organizing a wedding. We were able to see family, catch up with Noah’s multitude of friends, and head down to Tainan to see Marilyn and John’s new home. North Vancouver View Vancouver AirBnB In May, Casey and Noah escaped to Vancouver. After suffering serious Chinese food withdrawal, we decided to head up to Vancouver to get our fix. As usually we hit all the Richmond highlights like the Parker Brothers BBQ Meat stall and the Chinese Bakery. After stocking up, we headed up to North Vancouver the spend the next couple of days in a beautiful apartment AirBnB. Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon In June, Casey ran a 1/2 Marathon. Months of Marathon prep culminated in Casey’s first true long distance race. He made it the distance but had to be practically carried by Noah on the walk back from Seattle Center. Family Reunion Emma and Mark In July, the Shu family came to visit. They provided a couple of weeks of great company, cooking, and adventure. While there were here Casey’s family came up to visit and travel to Uncle Jordan’s annual 4th-of-July BBQ. The reunion was the first time that both sets of parents had been together since our last meeting at our wedding in Taiwan. Picking Blackberries Rattlesnake Ridge Beauty Stands Out In August, we spent our time outdoors. We hiked Mount Pilchuck, hiked Rattlesnake ridge, and spent many an afternoon in Myrtle Edwards Park enjoying the sun. Hood RIver Valley Alpacas at Hood River In September, Casey returned to the Pacific Northwest Aviation and Insurance Law Seminar to do his first presentation as a full-fledged member of the bar. His presentation was titled, “45 Days: the Ethics of Post-Crash Marketing in the Age of Social Media” and covered potential advertising ethical blunders committed by lawyers after the Asiana airlines accident at SFO. In between seminar, we snuck out to tour the Hood River Wine country and feed Alpacas :-). Olympic National Park In October, Noah and Casey went to the Hoh Rainforest on the rainiest day of the year. The Hoh Rainforest is part of Olympic National Park and we spent a romantic weekend on the boarder of the park in a beautiful AirBnB cabin. Noah enjoyed reading and watching the scenery and Casey enjoyed playing with the fire and cooking up tasty meals. Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Turkey In November, we hosted our first Thanksgiving in Seattle. It was well attended by Brenna, Rick, Cheryl, and Annie. Despite our small apartment, and with the help of QFC, we were able to put together a tasty feast for the holiday. On the last day of the holiday weekend, Casey ran his second 1/2 Marathon of the Year. Serengeti Volunteer Day In December, Casey was promoted from his position as a Client Support Associate to Client Relationship Manager and Contracts Counsel for Serengeti Tracker. He is excited to be teaching legal department on how to be more efficient and supporting Thomson Reuters’ in-house counsel with their contract negotiations and drafting. White Rock Sunset In reflection, each one of these months could had been a blog post of its own. I am going to resolve to put up some more posts in the coming year — especially in April :-).

In the meantime, we both wish you a happy holiday with those you love and a Merry Christmas to all.

Love, Casey & Noah

We have a ton of picture from the year listed below. Feel free to check them out!

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