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Casey and Noah head South of the Border

The story begins on a hot tarmac in Las Vegas the afternoon before our trip.

I am sitting in the Alaska Airlines 737 4pm flight back to Seattle. I’m finishing my 3 day trip to Vegas for Thomson Reuters as part of my new job.  Reading my airplane magazine as the aircraft pushes back from the gate I hear engine one start followed by engine two. Instead of heading straight on our way home to Seattle, I hear engine #2 shutdown and feel the airplane turn to taxi back in to the gate. Soon enough after an hour of troubleshooting on the hot tarmac, my 4pm flight is canceled, the 15 of us from Thomson Reuters are going to be marooned in the airport until that evening, and I am left to wonder if I’ll be getting back to Seattle in time to catch my 5 am flight to Mexico.

I ultimately make is back to Seattle with enough time to repack my bags, catch 2 hours of sleep, and then head off to Mexico.

Off to Mexico

The thing about Mexican airports that I have traveled to is that they do not have jetbridges. I love this old school experience of stepping out of your aircraft and into the outside. It gives you a whole new perspective on the sheer size of these aircraft, the noise that comes with an airfield, and that aircraft have more than one exit. We got to exit through the back stairs.

After watching 5 minutes of bikini clad women, dance on the screen in the customs line, Noah wondered what message this sent about the country of Mexico.

A question that continued to linger on our minds when we encountered these large statues outside of the airport.

Our hotel was a timeshare resort on the gold coast between Cabo San Lucas and the San Jose de Cabo.

One of the more entertaining aspects was that transportation was made via a network of Alonso emulating golf cart drivers.

Of course, the best part of the trip was hanging out with the family.

My last visit to mexico was to the tropical Puerto Vallarta, so, I didn’t realize until I arrived that Cabo was in the desert area of Mexico. It only gets 2 – 3 days of rain a year. We were there for those 2 – 3 days.

The Storm

It was much to my surprise when I woke up to flashes outside our hotel room at 2 am. I walked out on the balcony was felt the warm breezy as a fantastic lightning storm brewed on the ocean horizon. I woke up Noah and we watch for 30 minutes as the storm blew onto the peninsula.

I had not seen such a heavy rain since I left Taiwan.

The storm lasted for a few days and caused havoc in the neighboring streets. Noah and I snuck out one afternoon after the rain to take some pictures.

The damp weather did not dampen our spirits. We still lead the charge every evening in to town to find unique and local eateries.

Gordon LeLe

One of the notable places that we adventured in to was a Gordon Leles. A total whole-in-the-wall taqueria, it was an awesome experience. In addition to making awesome tacos, the restaurant is a shrine to the Beatles complete with the owner making frequent trips from the kitchen to serenade us with his favorite tunes.

This is the review that my dad wrote while on vacation:

Everyone should have as much fun at work as this guy does Took the family and had a great time. Great food. Javier is a character that one only comes across a few times in life. Fun-loving, talented, passionate, and a great cook. We spent about 400 pesos for 6 adults and had the best show of our lives. It was a serendipitous moment when you know you are in the presence of a one-of-kind. Someone who lives and loves and shares with everyone he meets. A remarkable experience. A liminal space! Source

The Good Weather Returned

Fortunately, the weather cleared up for the last couple of days of the trip and we got to enjoy some beautiful evenings enjoying pina colandas and watching the sunset.

The hotel restaurant had an intimate feeling and wonderful view.

Our last day was filled with sun and adventure. Noah joined Mom with an introduction to riding horses through the desert. It was Noah’s first time on a horse.

We ended the day on the beach watching the sunset and enjoying our brief, but beautiful week in Cabo San Lucas.