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Chicago Ho! – 春假在芝加哥

Early Morning Flights are awesome!

As we walked to the light rail station, Noah and I discussed how long it had been since we had both been on the same commercial flight. We have shared a fair amount of travel over our marriage, but usually it has been limited to the range of our little bug or my little C-140. As we ticked back the trips we have taken we realized that the last time, we traveled together was three years ago.

So, we were plenty excited to venture off for a few days during my Spring Break to enjoy the tourist sights of Chicago.

Must finish blog post.....

We chose Chicago because it was a city that neither of us had ever visited and it was relatively close to our home.

The travel was simple enough. Noah slept. I answered emails and in no time we were in the windy city.


So, we had an adventure with our accomodations. We decided to try out this website – airbnb.com. The premise of the website is that regular folk can rent a spare bedroom or their entire apartment to weary and, as you would suspect, wary travelers from around the world.

Accepting this accommodation was not something that I took lightly. Indeed, it seems like no small point of common sense to avoid staying in the homes of strange men you meet on the internet.

Fortunately, Airbnb has done a good job of helping you get past you initial trepidation of the unkown. By providing hosts with a forum to post pictures of their homes, themselves, and for guests to write reviews of their stay.

We chose a younger dude who rented his place for $50, had plenty of positive reviews, and hopefully no skeletons in the closet.

We were pleasantly surprised by the apartment. It was located in the lower west side neighborhood of Pilsen, which turns out to be a large Mexican neighborhood where we stumbled on the (according to yelp) best Mexican food in Chicago.

The apartment was beautiful and Aaron (our host) turned out to be an awesome guy.

Mythbusters and the Museum of Science and Industry

The next morning we kicked our tourist mode into high gear and hitched a ride with Aaron over to the Museum of Science and Industry.

The museum was an awesome stop with many hand’s on science exhibits and miles of things to see. All told we spent close to 6 hours hanging out in the museum.

But, the highlight was at the beginning of the day when we saw the Mythbusters open their new exhibit at the museum. Mythbusters being my favorite show, I was pretty starstruck as I to see and take picture of the entire case. (Carrie Bryant is just as beautiful in real life as on screen)

The Bean

After hitting every exhibit in the building, we caught the train up to Downtown Chicago to visit the main park and its famous sculpture.

The Bean

Self Portrait


Loving the Bean

Reflecting Chicago

Sears Tower

Well into our day of hitting the tourist traps, we decided to hit the Sears tower.

The first thing we learned is that it is no longer called the Sears tower. Since Sears is slowly bleeding itself out of business, the main occupant of the tower is now the willis insurance group. Of course, no one will ever call it the willis tower, but it is cute none-the-less.

In addition to the awesome views of the city, the tower includes the unique experience of standing 103 sorties above the ground on a thin sheet of glass.

Being a pilot, it didn’t really phase me to take that step out into the box, but it was a pretty cool sight and we got some sweet shots.

Equally entertaining was watching the people freak out about stepping out into space.

Pizza (My Favorite)

So, the day ended with us trucking down through town to the Lou Malnati’s Pizzaria to taste some of the famouse deep dish pizza.

I had never had authentic deep dish pizza, so, I was excited to see what was so good about it.

Needless to say that the pizza was really good, but incredibly filling. One slice is something like 450 calories. However after walking close to 20k steps, we were both ready to refill our tanks.

(Day 2)

So, on day 2, I spent my day at the house working while Noah went off to visit with the local expeditor’s branch. This was cool because she got to see some of the on-the-ground operations, and I got to sleep in and watch march madness.

But, we did get back to that awesome Mexican Restaurant.

St. Patrick’s Day (Day 3)

Our last day, we spent the morning sleeping in and packing to head home.

Then we took the subway to see the St. Patrick’s Day festivities.

I suspect it would be a more exciting event if we were drinkers, but it was still fun to see the parade. We even got a glimpse of the green river as we headed back out of town on the tram.






  • Leopardbmd

    What a fun trip! I loved the pics. I’m really glad that AirBNB did not disappoint. I was wondering how that would turn out. Thanks for sharing your adventure.

    • caseydubose

      Thanks Bren. It was good times.

      2012/4/10 Disqus

  • Ken7213

    Oh my~ I just realized you guys went to Chicago! I love Chicago cuz I had many memory there.
    I like your ” must finish posting” 😀 and Sear tower isn’t Sear anymore..
    Of course, the pizza!!! I wanna go toooooooo….

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