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For the 4th, we Liberate a Doggie – 美国独立日,流浪狗”多多”不再流浪。



So, we have been having a great summer. This post has a ton of pictures, but it still doesn’t cover all the cool stuff that we’ve been doing. It is great to be on vacation from school. 

[Searching for a Dog]


I have been wanting a pet for a long time. I’ve grown up with them, but Noah, having grown up in small apartment, never had pets as a kid and doesn’t think much of them. Fortunately, over the past few years of visiting with other dogs and a few Christmas vacations back home with my parent’s dogs, she has warmed up.

In the spring, I started to look for a dog. We went down to the King County pound one weekend while my folks were visiting but didn’t quite find the dog we were looking for. Just before the 4th, we got an invite on facebook to attend a liberate a dog for the 4th event. The pound reduced the adoption fees to help get the dogs adopted. We went out to the human society to look at our choices.

I initially looked for only medium sized dogs because I am not a fan of small dogs, and I thought that large dogs would be too big for our one bedroom apartment. We chose the dogs based on looks which we found out pretty fast was not a good way to look for a dog.

Our first choice, the beagle was suggested a bad idea because they love to bark.

Our second choice, the Chow mix turned out to be pretty narotic around dogs, which was later explained as a characteristic of its owner loyalty and breeding.

So, we went to the dog counselor (yes they are on staff at the humane society) for suggestions on what to get. She suggested we take a look at Austin, who is a laborador retreiver. I thought Labs needed too much exercise for a small apartment, but she said that our lab was a very mellow and quiet dog. So, we took a look at him. We could tell from the start that he was the one for us. Once we had him on leash he was very mellow and formed right up.

So, we decided to go ahead an dive in and get our new doggie (more on him later)

Ride home

[4th of July]

A couple of days later we had the annual 4th of July celebration at my Uncle Jordan’s house on Bainbridge Island. This is his big party of the year, and his family does an awesome job of it. There was good food, people, and fireworks.

I was excited to see my family from Utah the Carasscos.

To end the night, we sent out one of my cousins to barter his way into a ton fireworks, which we spent the rest of the night firing into the sound.

[BBQ at Jared’s]

I am really enjoying working for my firm Goldberg Jones. I have not had the experience of working with a firm of more than a couple of people, so, I was afraid it would be an stifling environment. Boy was I wrong, the folks here are very fun, and as Seattle divorce lawyers do they have some stories.

My boss, Jared, invited us over to his house for a little BBQ.

The cool thing about his house is that it floats. It is a house boat.

We had a good time. I went kayaking in the waters off Lake Washington.

Swam in the surprisingly comfortable  water.

And, had some good food with my coworkers from the firm.

[Random Dog Pictures]

Ok, back to the dog.

So, we’ve had him for few weeks, and we don’t have any complaints. He is quite, loving, and pretty well behaved. He doesn’t scratch at the doors, bark, or make any messes.

He is great on leash, unless he sees another dog, but we have signed him up to reactive rover classes at the human society. Hopefully that’ll help him be a little less scared of other dogs.

Noah adjusting well to having the dog in her pristine house. Nevertheless, she is a little unhappy with the way he smells, so, I have to keep him bathed and sweet smelling.