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Cheese, Seagulls, and Boats


Ever since starting law school, the morning after my last final has been awesome. I naturally wake up early and full of energy. It is like a ton of bricks have been lifted off of my shoulders and I’m facing the wonderful blue skies of summertime.

I turned in my last final at 9pm on Thursday night, and I started work at my new job at Goldberg Jones on Monday. So, Noah and I tried to take advantage of the last couple days of Summer vacation.
On Friday, we went out to alki beach and took advantage of a crystal clear blue day in Seattle. On the beach we had a great time, the water was too cold for swimming, but we still got to comb the beach for seashells and look at the various floating derbis.
You can see from the pictures the difference between my cold tolerance. I was in shorts and sandals and noahs family was dressed up in multiple layers of coats.
The highlight was feeding the seagulls on the beach.
Once we started throwing bread up I the air, a whole flock arrived. I was able to get some to swoop down and take the bread out of my hand.
We ended the day with one of my signature homemade pizzas.
Saturday was yet another model of Seattle summer weather – beautiful, clear, and 70 degrees.
There were two festivals right by our house. Up in pikes place market there was a the Seattle cheese festival and down on then waterfront was the maritime festival. This is my third year at the cheese festival. It is great times. They line pikes place with booths from creameries from all around the world, then you walk from booth to booth sampling all sorts of cheese. We nine year old Gouda, goat and sheep cheese, very smell but tasty blues and Roqueforts, and french bread.
The maritime festival is held right in front of our apartment. There are survival suit races where a team of four races to put on survival suits and swim across the harbor to a waiting life raft.
In the afternoon, there was a coast guard Air and sea rescue demonstration, tours of an coast guard Harbor maintenance cutter, and tug boat races.
We ended the evening with dinner with friends from church and a soak in hot tub. All in all it was a great few days of vacation.
  • Noah

    I love the photos! 🙂 Feeding seagulls are way fun!

  • Cheryl

    I missed the cheese festival? I’m coming this weekend – oh too bad 🙁 I loved it last year.

  • Brenna Puls

    Wow, what a fun few days! I love all the pics. That is so neat that both those festivals were so close to where you live.

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