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Merry Christmas! 圣诞快乐!

Merry Christmas from the DuBose Family!

Noah has had a great year in Provo. Ever the busy beaver, she has added stained glass, pottery, figure drawing, and oil painting to her list of favorite hobbies. Most recently, Noah was in Seattle for Thanksgiving and the great “Snowmageddon,” which canceled classes and shutdown the city for three days.

Casey is busily engaged in his studies at Seattle University School of Law. He spent the summer interning for a pilot leasing company in Shenzhen, China, where he met pilots from around the world and flew a full-motion 737 simulator. He started a new blog to cover his adventure in China and Chinese Aviation Law (aviation.duchinese.com). This fall brought him to his second-year studies and a position as a staff editor on the Environmental Law Journal.

During the short trips that we’ve been in the same city, we’ve been able to have some great times. In the spring, we took the Coastal Starlight train from Seattle to Los Angeles for spring break. During the fall, we took a trip up to Vancouver to visit Noah’s uncle and her brother.

The best news for the coming year is Noah will move to Seattle over the winter break! With her arrival in Seattle, we plan to open a new branch of our Chinese school and to start selling her felt creations at the Pike’s Place Market.

We hope that this letter finds you in good health and over a pleasant holiday vacation. If you want more updates and pictures throughout the year, hop on over to our blog at dufamily.com. Love you all!

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  • Yanyan

    Casey, you wife is beautiful. You are a lucky man. You guys are so sweet. It seems you had a great trip in China. I am from Guangzhou. Did you visit there as well?

    • Thanks Yan Yan. I did not get a chance to go to Guangzhou. I’d like to head up that direction.